Westeria is a German company from Westphalia with over 60 years of experience in manufacturing innovative machines. Since 1956, the product portfolio has grown strongly. Thanks to this exclusive partnership Lybover can provide an even better answer to the most complex challenges in the field of recycling and bulk handling.

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  • Windsifting: precise and efficient separation. Westeria is one the global market leaders for cross-flow and overband windsifting.
  • Conveying: conveyor systems, technically perfected over six decades.
  • Dosing: the perfect solutions for buffering and uniform feeding of all possible materials.
  • Spreading: patented DiscSpreaders. Low-maintenance and space-saving for an optimal distribution of any material.

Thanks to our partnership with Westeria, customers also get access to the Technology Centre, a complete facility where you can test the separation performance of your materials.