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Discover the offer and the total formula of Lybover in industrial dust extraction.

Lybover AIR provides solutions that keep your environment odour- and dust-free and ensures the proper and healthy functioning of your business.

Guarantee the highest quality and performance

keep your processes dust-free

Give your employees a safe working environment

reduce the risk of air pollution

Avoid breakdowns in machinery and products

due to damage from dust particles

Total solutions

Lybover AIR combines various components to build complete industrial dust extraction installations. We develop these installations with energy-efficient and self-cleaning dust filters with very low emissions.

We build the installations in-house, tailored to your needs. And we do this according to our proven method:

  1. Thorough analysis to map out (dust) emission points
  2. Installation of suitable under pressure and air volumes at those points
  3. Connection of the points with the appropriate Keller filter system

Due to our integrated approach, Lybover helps you on your way: from conceptual proposal to project development, installation and commissioning – about which you can read more below.

Experience our expertise

Metal recycling: dedusting and sorting

Total solutions for scrap and recycling companies: greater returns for purer fractions
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Industrial dust filters

Our self-cleaning dust filters ensure that your environment remains free of dust. Our dust filters are designed for all purposes: from extraction of sawdust to filtering of explosive dust. They have different air volume rates and comply with the strictest safety regulations.

Thanks to the modular filter system, they can be fitted into just about any corner of your factory or plant. And our service experts guarantee continuous operation so that your installation remains efficient.

  1. Fine dust: reduce emissions on your factory premises
  2. Fine and large volume dust: protection against fibrous or static chargeable dust
  3. Sticky, flammable and explosive dust: safety first
  4. Oil and emulsion mist filter: filter the finest aerosols
  5. Pre-separators and peripheral equipment
  6. Air shower: dust-free clothing in 30 seconds

Experience our expertise

Our successful total formula

No project at Lybover is the same. All our projects come from different sectors – ranging from ceramics and concrete to recycling and asphalt. This gave our engineers the necessary know-how to build one-of-a-kind total constructions.

Furthermore, we can always rely on the diverse expertise of our colleagues within the Lybover group.

With our proven total formula, we achieve the right result for our client.

  • Quotation
    A fixed price agreement in advance
  • Study and calculation
    Detailed process analysis in accordance with the current regulations (including ATEX safety regulations)
  • The most modern hard- and software (3D lay-outing of concept and 3D scanning of existing site)
  • Project development
    Virtual CFD simulation of the proposed air volume rate
  • Industrial assembly
    In conformity with the VCA** standards (and foreign equivalents)
  • After-sales service
    Service of your installation and availability of spare parts

Expertise in different sectors

  • Bitumen
  • Chemistry/ pharma /food
  • Wood
  • Ceramics/ stone
  • Plastic / rubber
  • Metal (laser and plasma cutting, foundries, painting, grinding, thermal spraying)
  • Paper/ cardboard
  • Recycling
  • Flax

Our partners

In addition to the expertise of our colleagues we can always rely on the know-how, components and machines of our partners.