The Westeria dosing systems with their special modular principle are perfectly engineered in every detail. Discover our solutions.


The Westeria dosing conveyor is capable of conveying coarse-grained and fine-grained material for a variety of different processes. With the help of the integrated belt scale and the software developed specifically for this purpose, the speed of the belt is controlled in such a way that a uniform loading of subsequent components takes place.

In combination with other Westeria components, such as the ChaineCon chain belt conveyor and the hopper systems, the entire process can be automated right from the start and guarantees ideal preloading of the DoseCon. Optimal material dosing is the key to efficient use of resources, for example in fuel feeding in cement plants.

Whether standalone or integrated into the central plant control system: The DoseCon® precisely controls the material transfer or measures your material throughput.

  • Fully automatic dosing and weighing function
  • Automatic detection of material blockages
  • Highly versatile


The MovingFloor® is a hopper system that allows you to dose any type of material and guarantee a smooth and continuous flow. Fully automatic material feed. Flexible configuration and quick delivery thanks to the modular system.

The feed hopper, which is technically sophisticated down to the last detail, offers maximum flexibility despite the use of standard components. The system is designed in such a way that the MovingFloor® can be enlarged at any time and is capable of bunkering a wide variety of materials and feeding them evenly. Substitute fuels, compost, mixed construction waste and much more can be processed without any problems.

  • Modular construction
  • Minimal wear
  • Fast delivery


The size of the machine can be increased or decreased at any time, ensuring long-term value creation.

Quick assembly

The MovingFloor® is simple and quick to assemble, as it is designed according to the modular principle.

Easy maintenance

Minimal wear costs due to the elimination of bearings, shafts, chains or conveyors.


The MultiFeeder® is a storage hopper system specially designed for fully automatic, linear distribution of input materials.

It is space-saving and can be easily integrated into existing plants. It is the ideal starting point for material processing. For irregular material feeds, the MultiFeeder® temporarily stores the material in the hopper and doses it evenly onto the next conveyor for maximum efficiency. Thanks to its easy-to-assemble modular design, it can be shipped in standard sea containers.

  • Space-saving and easy to integrate into existing plants
  • Different floor designs: belt conveyor, apron conveyor or walking floor
  • Shipping in standard sea containers thanks to modular design


Easy expansion of the machine, which gives the system a high value retention.

Quick assembly

The MultiFeeder® is designed according to the modular principle and can be assembled easily and quickly.

Flexible dimensions

The MultiFeeder® is characterized by its flexibility of dimensions, which offers a great variety towards the customer.