Adding value to bulk handling

Discover the offer and the total formula of Lybover in storage, transport and processing of bulk goods.

We ensure that your bulk goods are stored, processed and transported under the best conditions.

From components to turnkey

fully customised to the existing site

In-house engineering & production

from design to installation and after-sales service


It is important to store your bulk goods under the best conditions. For this purpose, Lybover delivers both components and total solutions.

  • Big Bag stations
    both mobile and stationary
  • Bag compactors
    empty big bags are compressed effectively and efficiently.
  • Hoppers
    buffering and dosing of bulk goods
  • Silo
    custom-made for our customers (division into compartments, wear-resistant lining, etc.)

Experience our expertise


We design and build various installations for both continuous and discontinuous transportation of bulk goods. These mechanical and pneumatic installations are fully custom-built for your company.

  • Conveyor belts: with a capacity up to +1,000 tonnes/h
  • Screw conveyors: for the internal transport of bulk goods
  • Elevators: for vertical conveying of loose products
  • Batchbin®-systems: : mobile “bins” for transporting fixed dosed volumes along a route of roller conveyors and elevators
  • Grabs: for loading and unloading any type of bulk material

Experience our expertise


Count on Lybover BULK for all your bulk processing challenges. Lybover goes further than just bulk handling: we give your goods an upgrade. Through a good understanding of your process, we create added value. We offer:

  • Innovative solutions for mixing, granulating and grinding bulk goods
  • Besides dosing and mixing, we also offer solutions for washing, drying, cooling, screening and separating mono-flows

Experience our expertise

Our successful total formula

No project at Lybover is the same. This gave our engineers the necessary know-how to build unique total constructions.

Furthermore, we can always rely on the diverse expertise of our colleagues within the Lybover group.

With our proven total formula, we achieve the right result for our customer.

  • Design
    Every successful realisation starts with a good design
  • Engineering
    Together with you, we create the layout and design for your machine or installation using state-of-the-art software (3D scanning and engineering, static and dynamic strength calculations, etc.)
  • Construction
    Own workshop of 8,000 m² with modern machines
  • Transport
    By boat or by road
  • Assembly
    By specialised and VCA-certified technicians
  • After-sales service
    Inspection, repair and renewal of existing installations (irrespective of supplier)

Expertise in various sectors

  • Bulk

    The focus is on dry bulk goods that are (in)directly related to construction materials: sand, gravel, cement, lime, gypsum, … Furthermore, we have experience with artificial fertilisers, coal, phosphates, scrap, sugar, biomass, …

  • Concrete

    In the past, Lybover gained the necessary expertise in the concrete sector for the construction of complete plants, standard or tailor-made. We also offer components such as hoppers, cement silos, …. Automated solutions for the precast industry are also among the possibilities.

  • Recycling

    We can always rely on the expertise of the entire Lybover group to build turnkey recycling solutions. This way, we can convert waste streams into valuable resources: wood, scrap, bottom ash, e-waste, plastic, …

  • Chemical

    Customised solutions for the transport and storage of basic resources in the chemical industry through the use of high-quality components in process lines and the realisation of customised installations.

Our partners

In addition to the expertise of our colleagues we can always rely on the know-how, components and machines of our partners.

  • EMDE
  • Ibau