High-end metal solutions

Discover the offer and the total formula of Lybover in sheet metal work, construction work and piping.

Lybover METAL offers total solutions for metal processing in both stainless steel and steel. We always guarantee the highest quality of our engineering projects, and work according to international standards (EN 1090 for the execution of steel and aluminium structures).

Our engineers have the necessary years of experience, giving them the required process and material know-how. We can always rely on the expertise of the entire Lybover group.

Engineer to order

100% execution according to your specific requirements, the right standards (ISO-9001, FPC 2+ and VCA**) and always 3rd party certified

Modern engineering techniques

3D scanning and 3D engineering for pre-engineering at a detailed level

Total in-house approach

From analysis and pre-engineering to assembly and installation

Sheet metal work

Lybover has its own machinery in which we can produce your unique parts – in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Our engineers, sales engineers and certified welders (under the supervision of a leading inspection company) inspect every construction and every part that is made. Cyclones, hoppers, storage tanks, pressure vessels … you name it, we engineer it.

Experience our expertise

Construction work

As a customer, you expect the highest quality. So your staff can work in the safest possible environment. Well, all our construction work is FPC2+ certified and also carries a CE mark. This means they meet your and the legal quality requirements.

Our own certified welders, welding coordinators and welding engineers produce platforms, stairs, handrails, piperacks, etc. in both stainless steel and steel. And at an unseen quality.

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Every factory needs piping – whether it’s production piping or utility piping. And that’s a good thing, because Lybover has designed, built and maintained tailor-made solutions for various customers in (petro)chemical, pharma, food, …

Our certified welders and our experienced project office make approved piping and skid construction according to your requirements and the latest legislation.

Experience our expertise

Our successful total formula

No project at Lybover is the same. All our projects come from different sectors – from food and chemistry to pharma and recycling. This gave our engineers the necessary experience to build unique total constructions.

With our proven total formula, we achieve the right result for our client.

  • Analysis and pre-engineering
    Thorough analysis together with the customer
  • Design and calculations
    Initial strength calculation – with check in our extensive standards database
  • Design and project support
    Detailed production drawings and transparent planning
  • Realisation
    Both our stainless steel and steel departments have certified employees
  • Assembly and completion
    Our own teams in possession of the necessary VCA certificates and own
    EHQS manager
  • Evaluation
    After completion After delivery with the necessary CE declarations, inspection plans and as-built files, we continue to look for optimisations

Expertise in various sectors

Lybover METAL offers total solutions in stainless steel and steel for projects in sheet metal, piping and construction. for a range of sectors with complex requirements

  • Building materials
  • chemical
  • Energy
  • Pharma
  • Ferrous/non-ferrois production
  • Recycling
  • Food