With Schade Lagertechnik, Samson Material Handling and Ibau Hamburg, Lybover RECYCLING offers you exclusive partners. Our partners have a very wide range of storage equipment.

Schade Lagertechnik’s stacker-reclaimers are designed to feed, stock and dispose of bulk goods, such as coal, limestone, wood pellets and fertilizers.

In addition, Ibau Hamburg also offers a wide range of steel or concrete silos for storing cement, lime, gypsum or fly ash.

Lybover RECYCLING offers the perfect solution for mobile and semi-mobile applications of Samson Material Handling.

Contact us, we will gladly help you find the best way to logistically store your material.

Silo unloading systems

In all sectors, products are transported, stored and transported back. Unloading these products from a silo can be done in various ways. Lybover RECYCLING will be happy to advise you on the right type of turning system for a wide range of bulk goods.

Aumund Fördertechnik uses the Centrex® for difficult liquid bulk goods. It exists in various versions depending on the task it has to perform. A reaming arm ensures that difficult liquid products are removed from the silo or storage hall at a constant flow rate.

Aumund silo turning systems for rectangular silos

For cement and lime, Lybover RECYCLING proposes the IBAU silo aeration combined with a pneumatic drain.

Aumund Centrex swing-out arm

Sandy products are extracted from silos using the Spaleck extraction gutters.

Aumund Centrex silo turning system for large silo diameters


Schade Lagertechnik is one of the world players when it comes to storing, blending and reclaiming granulates. In addition to coal, aggregates for cement, lime and glass production, renewable products such as wood pellets and fertilisers can also be perfectly stocked by these machines.

It is important that the mixing or de-mixing of the product is done perfectly according to your wishes.

Older types or machines of another make can be converted perfectly to the Schade Lagertechnik standard. Please contact our service department.

Schade Lagertechnik Stacker-reclaimer in half-ported version

Stackers stormajor and boomfeeder

For mobile or semi-mobile storage of granules, the Samson Material Handling stormajor or boomfeeder is the perfect solution. The basis is the same, namely a storage conveyor that manually or pre-programmed stores bulk goods on bags. The substructure consists of wheels or tracks.

Samson Material Handling mobile boomfeeder