Building and maintaining visions

Installation and service of our projects

Unique projects? That’s where Lybover comes in. And our technicians have the expertise to install these unique installations for you.


With a team of motivated technicians

Service and maintenance

on a regular basis


Our technicians will install your unique project on site. Depending on the complexity of the project and the site, the necessary site preparations must be made. This way, you can have your installation up and running in no time.

  • VCA-qualified technicians
  • Safety first thanks to a well thought-out safety policy
  • Expertise and know-how in sectors with complex and high-tech requirements
  • Support and advice in the implementation of specialised projects in AIR, BULK, METAL and RECYCLING

Experience our expertise

Maintenance & service

Once our technicians have installed your installation, our work is far from finished. On a regular basis (which you determine yourself) our maintenance technicians will visit you for curative and preventive maintenance:

  • Repairs in the event of unforeseen malfunctions
  • The proper functioning of your installation

Experience our expertise

Our successful total formula

No project at Lybover is the same. This gives our technicians the necessary know-how to set up unique total constructions.

Furthermore, we can always rely on the diverse expertise of our colleagues within the Lybover-group.

With our tried and tested total formula, we achieve the right result for our customer.

  • Assembly
    of the unique project on site
  • Commissioning
    at the customer
  • Maintenance and service
    with regular inspections by our service technicians
  • After-sales service
    Repair and renewal of existing installations (regardless of supplier)