Turning visions into projects

Lybover gives you the best quality. How? Well, according to our own way of working. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Your project under one roof

Lybover works according to a proven method in which we take the entire engineering process in our own hands. Entirely tailored to your needs.

This way you don’t have to bring together multiple suppliers. We make sure that your project runs smoothly. From A to Z. From initial price request and advice to after-sales services.

The more complex,
the better

We love challenges. First, we really get stuck in and then we let ourselves go. As a dedicated expert Lybover stands for a dynamic and trustworthy long-term partnership.

Complex project? Challenge accepted! Based on our flexible hands-on method we gladly make the difference for you. For short and long-term added value.

with a broad perspective

Our engineers, designers, mechanics… each of them expert in their own field. Thanks to their extended training and often years of expertise, but also through working together day in day out and making each other better.

The result? Solutions and installations which are built with your requirements in mind.

Working at Lybover is…

working on exciting projects:

At Lybover we don’t build piecework. No, with us you have to bring out all your know-how, because our customers expect and demand complex installations. And everyone has a contribution to make. Everything to bring the project to a good end.

a lot of freedom and responsibility:

As every project at Lybover is different, we give you enough freedom to think up or execute the appropriate solution – together with your team.

yet still a family atmosphere:

We believe it is extremely important to continue to grow nationally and internationally. But this should not be at the expense of the family atmosphere that prevails within our company. Within our teams, there is a no-nonsense mentality, just because we can trust each other so well.

Hands-on since 1985

What’s in a name? The founders of the company in this case. Luc & Yvette Boels-Vermeulen. Despite the international presence and the large group of employees, the familial atmosphere from Lybover that we treasure remains intact. Their sons, Hans and Filip Boels, still lead the way as CEO’s of the company. Today, Lybover’s five business units provide answers to the most diverse challenges. Each with their own expertise, but through and through Lybover. An overview of our companies and business units can be found here.


The start of the Lybover-story

Luc Boels starts as an independent agent for Keller Lufttechnik GmbH. In 1993 he takes over the French subsidiary. The focus lies on solutions for industrial dust extraction (AIR).

The first expansion

Start-up of Hafibo Assembly (1995) and Hafibo Construction (1997). The foundations for Lybover METAL have been laid.

The forerunner of BULK

In 2005 Lybover becomes an agent of Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KG, world leader in mixing technologies.

A new step forward

Our air technology know-how is put to use in the search for solutions for smoke and heat extraction in car parks. The foundation for Lybover FIRE.

The takeover of BULK .ID

The acquisition of BULK .ID in 2009 marks the start of Lybover RECYCLING.

The growth continues

Motogroup (BULK) is acquired. Meanwhile, AIR launches in the UK.

Centralisation of the assembly activities

All assembly activities are centralised (INSTALLATION).

Introduction of the Lybover group structure

All the knowledge to make your engineering project a success under one roof.

AIR (Keller Lufttechnik Benelux – Keller France – Luksal), METAL (Hafibo), FIRE (Keller Benelux), RECYCLING (BULK.ID), BULK (Motogroup), INSTALLATION (Lybotech)

Lybover FIRE becomes Altebra Waregem

Lybover will remain active in the construction industry through participation in Altebra and will work even more intensively in the industrial market through its other Business Units, which remain 100% Lybover.

Some facts about Lybover


Engineers, designers, mechanics, planners, strategists,… But most of all: passionate experts


Completed projects


Years of experience (and counting!)


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