After a successful collaboration for Cargill Izegem, CallensVyncke was happy to work with Lybover again, this time for the design and installation of structures at Cargill Gent.

The Lybover way

Three perfectly attuned parties, all of whom attach great importance to quality and safety, that works.

CallensVyncke is the specialist in integrated (gas fired), Combined Heat and Power plants. For their customers, they optimise the energy consumption, among other things, by using the heat that is released in the production of electricity. CallensVyncke provides a full service, from study to design to installation. For food concern Cargill, which supplies food and agricultural products and services to customers all over the world, CallensVyncke built a CHP plant that maximises the processing of production energy. And for this, CallensVyncke called in Lybover again.

“CallensVyncke and Lybover have already completed a successful trajectory together,” says Stefanie Debaets, Project Manager at CallensVyncke. “After a successful cooperation on the site of Cargill Izegem, it was therefore obvious that Lybover would be closely involved in the CHP installation on the Ghent site of Cargill.”

Proactivity is also in Lybover’s DNA, so it was a perfect match
– Stefanie Debaets Project Manager at CallensVyncke

“A constant in the cooperation with Lybover is the pursuit of maximum efficiency and limiting the time on site,” Stefanie continues, “but that sounds easier than it is. It requires a very special skill and mindset to take into account all the variables in terms of quality, safety, European standards, efficiency and so on.

Because of our previous cooperation, CallensVyncke, Lybover and our customer Cargill already knew each other well, of course, and that helps. All three of us attach a lot of importance to quality and safety. In those areas, Cargill wants to go even further than the current requirements. That proactivity is also in the DNA of CallensVyncke and Lybover, so it was a perfect match.”

 Lybover designed and installed all piping and structures on the basis of a separate engineering brief.

Time on site was reduced to a minimum

In the CHP building, platforms and hoisting beams were provided for maintenance of the plant. Two piperacks, on the left and right of the building, distribute the produced steam and electricity to the production areas. In addition to steam and electricity, the piperacks also conduct other pipes necessary for the operation of the CHP. And as a final touch, a large staircase was installed on the outside of the building to allow access to the roof.

Thanks to the dedication of the whole team the time on site was limited and the deadlines were easily met
– Stefanie Debaets Project Manager at CallensVyncke

Pieter D’Haene, Head of Projects at Lybover METAL, remembers the project well because of its complexity. Pieter D’Haene: “It was complex, yes, especially because a lot of different variables interacted here. Cargill is widely known for its extremely high safety requirements. Lybover therefore first had to make a number of adjustments to existing infrastructure that had been installed by others. In addition, there was the extremely tight deadline for the entire project – not just the time-on-site, the standards that came into play. And the fact that the collaboration involved a large number of different partners did not make things any easier. If I had to choose one, for me the biggest challenge in this project was the time pressure.”