Realisation of silos where customisation is key

In close collaboration with the client, the experienced engineering team adapts the design of the silo to the specific requirements of the project and the medium to be stored.

Lybover BULK offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • Customized materials
  • Wear-resistant upholstery
  • Division into compartiments
  • Level and weighing systems
  • Dosed extraction
  • Ex-execution
  • Dust filter

Customers can also rely on Lybover BULK for automated silo parks with dosing systems.

Important information for specification of the desired silo:

  • stored product
  • diameter
  • maximum height
  • free height under the flap
  • access ladder and/or platform
  • filter
  • safety
  • extra blowing protection
  • level detection
  • weighing
  • fluidisation and/or vibrating
  • conservation