SIMEM, founded in 1963 and located in Minerbe (Italy), has been designing machines and installations for the construction industry for the past 50 years. In addition to the production of its own mixers (double-axis, planetary and flow-through), SIMEM also supplies complete mobile, semi-mobile and stationary concrete plants. Lybover BULK distributes these turnkey installations in the Benelux and can, subject to consultation, also offer them in an adapted form and fully custom-made. Customers can also contact Lybover BULK for service and SIMEM spare parts. In cooperation with SIMEM Precast (powered by Schiaslo-Spil) the range has recently been extended with automated solutions for the precast concrete industry.

Octopus – carrousel system

It is designed and well-tested to industrially produce cement slabs, tilt-up double-slabs and sandwich/solid concrete panels. Highly automated system to produce structural precast and curtain, with standardized format, having a modest size, according to the dimension of the steel pallets.

Blocrete – production line for concrete blocks

Production line for concrete blocks, foundation stones, palisade blocks, curbstones, paving stones and shallow channels, designed to meet the needs of the manufacture.

Stonecrete – production line for decorative stones

Compact line to produce reconstructed stones, slabs, walls, masonry, steps, edges or veneers.

Cretebeam – casting machine for concrete beams

Compact machinery to produce concrete lattice girder beams and concrete lintels.

Elephant – automated system to produce prestressed lintels in brick cement

The system is so well designed it is able to turn out daily: all six prestressing benches, working with a single 3-men team in one 8-hour shift.

Brickbeam – brick cement beams and lintels systems

Compact machinery to produce brick-cement lintels and brick-cement lattice girder beams.


Schiaslo-Spil delivers proven engineered concrete equipment and plant technologies for the most challenging tunneling projects. Tunneling projects requires reliable and huge volume of concrete elements such as segments, panels and double walls. Fully automated production plants are engineered and delivered according to the project’s specifics and client requests.

Conveying, distribution and dosing devices

Schiaslo-Spil delivers proven engineered conveying, distributing and dosing systems for the concrete precast industry. The range of conveying systems includes the flying bucket model PELICAN, the multi-purpose device model KOALA, bucket conveying cart model TURTLECRETE and the concrete dosing devices model DISTRICRETE.

Packrete – packaging system

Tailor made packaging system for the concrete precast industry. Designed and realized according to specific needs, the packaging system allows reduced labour costs, high efficiency and reduced logistic costs.