Hamos Advanced Separating Technologies from Penzberg Germany has the know-how to make plastics metal-free on the one hand and to separate plastics by type on the other.

Hamos EKS

The Hamos EKS separator sorts plastics by type regardless of their colour. The machine is available in single and double versions with processing capacities up to 1,500 kg/h. This sorting technology is extremely suitable for fine granules or grinding materials.

Hamos KWS

The Hamos KWS separator removes all metals from various types of fine material flows. The machine is available in single and double models with a processing capacity of up to 1,500 kg/h.

Metal detectors for plastic granules or grinding materials

To prevent contaminated granulate or grinding material from ending up in your extruder or injection moulding machine, good metal detectors are extremely important.

The Hamos fully automatic metal detectors ensure that metals do not disturb the extrusion or injection moulding process. They are available in various shapes and designs depending on where they are installed.

Both iron and non-ferrous are separated without any problems. We can even remove stainless steel that is difficult to separate from your plastic granules without any problems. Your machines are perfectly protected in this way.

These separation technologies can also be used in plastic recycling.