Lybover launches, a new group website that supports our Lybover story both visually and in terms of content. This is the next step in the realisation of our group structure under the Lybover flag and banner. A journey that started a few years ago with the introduction of 5 external business units (AIR, BULK, FIRE, METAL and RECYCLING) and 1 internal business unit (INSTALLATION).

New email addresses

So today we are taking the Lybover line even further. In the coming weeks, we will be switching off the old company websites. From now on, all our employees can be reached on a Lybover email address.

Our info and service email addresses are also changing. Contact us at the addresses below or use our contact forms.

Our depots in Waregem and Bruges can now be reached at the addresses below.

We recommend you immediately update the contact details of Lybover, our business units and our employees in all your systems. To ensure smooth communication, the old email addresses and domain names will remain active for some time.

And what about finance-related communication?

Since there are several companies behind the Lybover façade and the respective business units, we’ve chosen to keep the 1 on 1 relationship with these companies.

Use invoicing only for sending invoices and credit notes. For other questions related to finance, please contact the finance addresses below.

Questions? Contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.