Altebra Group, the Benelux market leader with a full range of active fire protection, and Lybover FIRE, the specialist in smoke and heat evacuation systems (SHEV) and fire compartmentalisation, are entering into a strategic partnership in order to provide a total offering.

Lybover is thus splitting off its Business Unit FIRE, one of the six Business Units of the Lybover Group, from Keller Lufttechnik Benelux bv and Lybotech bv and transferring it to a new company called Altebra Waregem bv. This new company joins the Altebra Group.

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Continuity assured after 1st February 2024

With the establishment of Altebra Waregem bv, all agreements and contracts regarding the Lybover FIRE activities of Keller Lufttechnik Benelux bv have been legally transferred to Altebra Waregem bv from 1 February 2024 onwards. Since Altebra Waregem bv is the continuation of the existing operation, there is no change to the current agreements, conditions or working method. You can expect the same care and project follow-up from Altebra Waregem bv with the same guarantees and conditions and with the same people.

All personnel involved in the Lybover FIRE activities and the related service and assembly activities as well as all know-how will be transferred to Altebra Waregem bv.

The contact details of Altebra Waregem can be found below. Employees can now be reached at an e-mail address. Mobile numbers remain unchanged.

Altebra Waregem bv
Oude Kassei 16
B-8791 Waregem
+32 56 67 10 42


+32 56 67 10 12

Please note that this operation only concerns the Lybover FIRE activities. The Lybover AIR activities will continue under Keller Lufttechnik Benelux bv and will remain 100% Lybover.