Lybover and Denuo have announced the renewal of their partnership, following a successful collaboration that began in 2019.

Mutually inspiring cooperation for a sustainable future

This renewed partnership with Lybover gives Denuo access to Lybover’s expertise and allows its members to benefit from the company’s extensive knowledge and experience in various technologies and project management. With this renewed cooperation, Lybover hopes to serve the Belgian waste and recycling sector even better. Both parties are delighted with the renewal of their partnership and look forward to a mutually inspiring collaboration in the future.

Hans Boels, CEO de Lybover, souligne l’importance de l’économie circulaire et le rôle que Lybover peut y jouer. “La transition vers une économie circulaire est cruciale pour notre avenir. Chez Lybover, nous sommes conscients de la responsabilité qui nous incombe d’y contribuer. Nous sommes fiers de notre expertise en matière de technologies de recyclage et de séparation et nous restons déterminés à aider nos clients à mettre en œuvre des solutions durables. C’est ainsi que nous transformons la vision des acteurs circulaires en projets.”

Hans Boels, CEO of Lybover, emphasises the importance of the circular economy and the role Lybover can play in it. “The transition to a circular economy is crucial for our future. At Lybover, we are aware of our responsibility to contribute to this. We are proud of our expertise in recycling and separation technologies and we remain committed to helping our customers realise sustainable solutions. This is how we turn the vision of circular players into projects.

We believe that the combination of our expertise and our one-stop-shop range of services uniquely positions us to support our customers in the transition to a circular economy.
– Hans Boels, CEO, Lybover

Stany Vaes, General Manager of Denuo, confirms the importance of partnerships to support the organisation’s mission and the role of members in Belgian materials policy. “At Denuo, we strive for an optimal transformation of used materials, and we believe that our members are an indispensable link in this. By expanding our exchange platform for materials-conscious companies, disseminating reliable information and providing solution-oriented insights, we can support our members in their pursuit of a sustainable future.”

Together with partners like Lybover, we can play an important role in Belgian materials policy and contribute to a better future for all of us.
– Stany Vaes, General Manager, Denuo

Lybover looks beyond borders

To promote its expert role even further – and on an even larger scale – Lybover has not only renewed its collaboration with Denuo, but at the beginning of May, the family-owned business group also entered into a sponsorship with EuRIC, the umbrella organisation for the European recycling industry, also for the next 3 years. With this partnership, Lybover will be able to share even more expertise and knowledge and contribute to the further development of the circular economy at European level.