VPK Packaging Group invests in a new corrugated board machine from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe (MHIE) for its plant in Raamsdonkveer (Netherlands). Lybover AIR designs and installs a reliable dust extraction solution.

The Lybover way

The new installation at the VPK site in Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands works much faster than the previous one. This enables VPK to process more cardboard per hour at a maximum speed of 400 metres per minute. The installation can produce corrugated cardboard with B-, C-, E- and O-waves but also any double-walled combination.

During the production of the corrugated cardboard, the sides are cut to size. This edge waste must be extracted in order to ensure smooth production. For this VPK relied on the expertise of Lybover AIR. The edge strips are extracted with chopping fans under the machine line. These fans cut the strips into pieces. The chopping fans each have a power of 15kW. They are then transported through a 120-metre long pipe. An extra transport fan (37kW) is installed to ensure that the edge strips do not block the pipe line. Next, the edge strips end up in a pre-separator. The cardboard strips fall down and the dust is sucked to the dedusting unit via a balance fan (45kW). The pre-separator removes the material from the airflow without pressure. The pre-separator is adjusted with the balance fan. The pre-separator separates the heavier material parts from the air flow. The cardboard strips are collected under the pre-separator on a conveyor belt. The strips are brought into a baler. The dust-laden air is blown into a Jet-Set filter.

Dust extraction system according to ATEX

The Keller Jet-Set filter is an automatically operating, compressed air cleaned baghouse filter. The filter sleeves are equipped with sewn-in support rings, instead of internal metal support baskets. This gives less wear and longer service life. The dust enters a collection system via a discharge chute. The total power consumption of the installation is approx. 90 kW, taking into account a 120-metre pipeline route. The filter is fully equipped with rupture discs and a ProFlap back pressure valve in accordance with ATEX standards.

Construction in 3 phases

In the first phase, the filter and pre-separator were built up and connected to the old corrugator. In a second phase, the new installation was connected to the pre-separator and the dust extraction installation. In a third phase, the old corrugator is disconnected and a crusher is installed. Finally, the exhaust of this crusher is also connected to the exhaust installation. Lybover METAL provided a support structure according to the EN1090 standard and Lybover INSTALLATION took care of the assembly.

High quality and reliable solution

The choice for Lybover AIR at VPK was strongly motivated by the attention for quality and reliability. The corrugator runs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week and must therefore not be allowed to stop in order to maintain the continuity of the production process. The Keller installation is robust and has a very long life cycle. The installation requires little maintenance as there are no moving parts in the pre-separator. The limited installation height of 1200 mm is often also an advantage. The installation is low-noise, so that no additional sound insulation is is necessary.