For BeerSelect, Lybover helped realise the dream of a couple of young Ghent beer entrepreneurs. With the help of Lybover’s advanced piping, knowledge and technology, BeerSelect in Ghent brews dozens of hectolitres of beer on demand.

The Lybover way

The story of BeerSelect started in 2016 with three twenty-somethings from Ghent and their dream of brewing craft beer ‘on demand’ in a modern way in Ghent. Beers on demand and according to the taste of individual customers and clients. BeerSelect’s brewery is specially designed for the production of different types of beers. Master brewers fully follow the unique recipe of each client and also help to improve existing recipes or assist in the development of new craft beer. BeerSelect’s formula proved a resounding success and to keep up with increasing demand, the young brewery’s capacity had to be increased from 6,000 to 25,000 hectolitres per year in a very short space of time. Lybover’s reputation for piping showed the young entrepreneurs the way.

Health! … and safety

Lybover METAL immediately went to work on the placement of all piping with high quality and safety requirements . The piping of course had to meet all the food requirements. Only food-grade materials were used. The piping materials were supplied in both annealed and ground versions. The ground version provides an aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean surface. Safety was also given due consideration. The condensate and steam pipes were insulated with mineral wool and finished with stainless steel cladding. This way we avoid burns in the event that employees touch the pipes. The insulation also ensures that there is minimum heat loss on these pipes. The steam is used to raise the temperature of the beer and the CIP product. The installation was carried out according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). 5 skids. A pasteur skid ensures that all bacteria are killed by short-term heating. The beer buffer tank was equipped with a skid to pump the beer around. A carbonation skid provides carbon dioxide – and thus fizz – in the beer. A pump skid, finally, ensures the circulation of liquid during the production of hard seltzers.

The old tanks were recovered, our people are now working in even safer conditions and we have more than quadrupled our capacity.
– Kasper Peeters, Founder – Operations

The steam and condensate pipes have been fitted with sliding shoes so that the pipes have enough room to expand. A new valve board at each tank group ensures that BeerSelect brewers can easily switch from one brew to the next. Kasper Peeters: “This was quite a job for both us and Lybover. All adjustments had to be made on-site at our premises, and the available space was limited. But the result is worth it: the old tanks were recovered, our people now work in even safer conditions and we have more than quadrupled the capacity.