Flax is becoming more popular again. Le Lin Français – Jean Decock noticed that too. In 2021 the flax processor therefore built a new factory near Laon in the north of France. They called on the expertise of Lybover for the dedusting and the pneumatic transport.

The Lybover way

A large new flax plant with effective dedusting? Le Lin Français entrusted this task to the knowledge and experience of Lybover AIR. The result: one of the largest dedusting installations in the history of flax.

Efficient dedusting and pneumatic transport

In the flax industry large quantities of materials such as long fibres, tow, loam and dechet are produced. When processing these materials, a lot of dust and production waste is released. By extracting this via pneumatic transport and providing general dedusting of the installation, the production process is not compromised and a pleasant climate in the production hall is guaranteed.

“Lybover has previously installed installations for flax processing companies, the installation at Le Lin Français is one of the largest to date”, proudly explains Louis Schollier, Teamleader Projects at Lybover AIR. “We installed 5 filters in one go. At full capacity the installation moves about 330,000 m³ of air per hour. This way, the production environment is kept dust-free and the employees can do their work efficiently. Much of the extracted dust is also recycled. Thanks to the efficient installation, only about 10-15% of the raw material remains as waste after the production process.”

At full capacity, our installation moves about 330,000 cubic metres of air per hour.
– Louis Schollier, Teamleader Projects Lybover AIR

100% new installation

The whole site was new construction. Lybover AIR designed the entire installation from scratch using 3D models. The only restrictions were the dimensions of the building and the fact that sufficient height was needed for large passing machines.

“The new installation was built in two phases,” Louis explains. Both the production hall and the filter building were completely provided with dedusting and pneumatic transport by Lybover. The complete interior of both buildings was installed by Lybover: the steel structure, pipes, filters, fans and so on. For dedusting projects, most of the pipe work is assembled on the site itself. A Lybover INSTALLATION assembly team then comes on site to place the whole installation, made to measure and down to the last detail. We take care of that all by ourselves.”

Large project, satisfied customer

This installation at Le Lin Français is one of the largest flax installations ever realised by Lybover. Thanks to the intensive follow-up and an experienced team of about seven colleagues (the project leader, technical designer and assembly team), the project went very smoothly. We were able to build a reliable installation and gained a satisfied customer.

It was a very large installation. But thanks to intensive monitoring, Lybover can handle it perfectly.
– Louis Schollier, Teamleader Projects Lybover AIR