As a result of the commissioning of a fourth reactivation oven, DESOTEC contacted Lybover AIR to work out a tailor-made solution for their own site in Roeselare. The combination of a good extraction system and activated carbon reduces the nuisance for the environment to a minimum.

The Lybover Way

Lybover AIR has already worked together with DESOTEC on several occasions in the past on projects where odour and dust nuisance were key issues. The solutions offered by both companies are therefore very complementary. DESOTEC ACTIVATED CARBON is an international developer, manufacturer and supplier of purification solutions based primarily on activated carbon technology. The saturated coal that DESOTEC takes back from its customers can be recycled into high-quality reactivated carbon and reused again.

In early 2020, DESOTEC opened a new reactivation oven, which increases the recycling capacity for saturated carbon by 70% and strengthens the company’s position as European market leader for mobile circular purification solutions. Saturated activated carbon that previously had to be incinerated or landfilled can be reactivated. Using advanced technologies, this state-of-the-art plant enables the reactivation of heavily loaded activated carbon waste streams containing high concentrations of organic substances, sulphur, chlorine and other inorganic pollutants.

Landfill pits get tailor-made lids

At the occasion of the commissioning of this fourth oven, DESOTEC contacted Lybover AIR to work out a tailor-made solution for their own site in Roeselare. In order to limit the dust nuisance, 2 solutions were worked out. First of all, the dozens of pits in which the saturated carbon is collected had to be brought under pressure. The colleagues of Lybover METAL made covers to measure for this. Also a Keller filter was installed for the necessary ventilation and extraction. For released gasses and odours active carbon was used.

Keller filter combined with active carbon

The solutions of Lybover AIR and Desotec have already been applied successfully at our customers’ sites in the past and now also at Desotec’s own site in Roeselare. The air contaminated with dust and VOC is in a first step filtered by a Keller filter. The VOCs are then further treated by an activated carbon filter.