Aumund and Ibau’s machines and installations are THE reference in logistics and transport of cement, lime and fly ash.

Bucket elevators

If you want to transport granules quickly, compactly and vertically, a bucket elevator is the ideal solution. The closed design ensures that dusty products can be transported without emissions. For the transport of, among other things, fertilizers, we provide a stainless steel version with ATEX certificate.

Bucket elevators are a very efficient way to transport material vertically to heights of more than 120 m. Depending on the material, we work with a central chain, double chain or reinforced rubber belt.

Feeding cement furnace with Aumund bucket elevator

The conversion of a plate conveyor from another brand to the Aumund standard is also perfectly possible.

Plate conveyors

Lybover RECYCLING’s exclusive partner Aumund has grown up developing this machine. Plate conveyors are mainly used in cement and lime production to transport the semi-finished products from the oven to the storage hall. The clincher (semi-finished cement production) comes out of the oven under high temperature. Special steel plates ensure that the product can be moved safely. Both horizontal and up to 45° inclinations are perfectly possible.

Contact us and we will discuss together which type is the most suitable for your application.

Aumund plate conveyor withstands high temperatures in cement industry

Pneumatic transport for cement, lime, gypsum and fly ash

Ibau Hamburg builds components and complete turnkey plant to transport and stock cement, lime, gypsum and fly ash. The bottom photo shows the Ibau Hamburg pump. This pump is the heart of the pneumatic transport system. The product is dosed in the transport pipe so pressure peaks are avoided. This benefits the reliability of the installation.

Ibau has all the competencies to pneumatically transport cement, lime, gypsum and fly ash over long distances. Integrated with silos and loading and unloading systems, Lybover RECYCLING offers complete customized solutions.  Dusty products generate a lot of emissions so Ibau Hamburg loading bellows are used for this purpose. Please contact our engineers.

For the cement, lime and fly ash industry, Lybover RECYCLING offers many other solutions. Please take a look at screens and sector cement, lime, gypsum and fly ash industry.

Moreover, Lybover RECYCLING also has its own youtube channel.

Transport from silo to truck with Ibau Hamburg

Drag chain conveyors

Drag chain conveyors are used, wherever sticky material such as lime, gypsum, clay or raw coal has to be removed from a bunker, for example. For such applications, Lybover RECYCLING offers the armored drag chain PKF conveyor

If it concerns filter dust or additives, then it is best to use the TKF drag chain conveyor. With this, this material can be transported in a dust-proof manner.

Aumund TKF sleepketting transporteur

Vibratory feeders

Separation machines only work optimally when the material is evenly distributed. Vibrating feeders are used for this. Together we determine how it should be carried out. Lybover RECYCLING supplies vibratory feeders for the most diverse applications. These range from feeding sorting machines in the recycling industry, to quarry stone and plastic granulates in the chemical industry. Spaleck’s vibratory feeders are made per application and are customized. Lybover RECYCLING offers solutions for both rough and light jobs.

In combination with a hopper, the vibratory feeders are also used as feed hoppers. The Spaleck hopper is a machine for feeding turnkey processing lines. 

Vibratory feeder