How to combat emissions and odour nuisance in the asphalt industry

Hosted by Lybover – Desotec

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As the EU introduces more stringent regulations regarding dust, VOC, and odour emissions, numerous asphalt plants throughout the region are coming under closer observation. The updated guidelines have intensified government action specifically concerning VOC, dust, and odorous emissions. Lybover and Desotec welcome the opportunity to work with you to face the up-and-coming challenges of odour, dust, and VOC emissions, especially when utilizing more recycled asphalt.

The strategies highlighted in our upcoming webinar effectively tackle dust and VOC emissions and assist in preventing odour problems. This proves invaluable for plants aiming to not just meet but surpass regulatory requirements. Discover the myriad of benefits of this approach by signing up for our complimentary webinar.

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Learn how to:

  • Navigate air pollution regulations
  • Foster a cleaner environment for both your team and the surrounding community
  • Leverage dust abatement systems and activated carbon mobile filters to purify your air emissions

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