After years of experience with 3D-scanning and -engineering, Lybover takes another important step forward: the visualisation of 3D models and point clouds in Virtual Reality (VR). This way 3D models come to life and we turn your vision into a realisable project.

Your advantages

  • The visualisation in virtual reality provides a better insight. You experience each design down to the smallest detail.
  • You don’t just look at the design, you really feel it. Because of the complexity of the Lybover projects, this is a great added value throughout all project phases, from concept to assembly.
  • Together we verify the impact on your (production) environment. Possible problems are immediately detected even before the project is built. You can easily check the accessibility of equipment and instrumentation with your virtual hands or inspect possible safety problems.
  • On foreign projects, we save time and money by meeting customers and working together in virtual reality.
  • Also internally, visualisation in VR ensures better coordination between the Lybover teams.

Interested? Get in touch with your trusted contact at Lybover, we’ll be happy to help.