How to prepare for stricter emission standards in the shredder industry?

Controlling dust and VOC emissions is and remains a challenge for the entire waste and recycling sector, and in particular for the shredder industry. Since in Wallonia emission standards have been tightened considerably, it is possible that this will also have an effect in Flanders and the Netherlands.

In this webinar, we give a look at the European emission standards that apply to the shredding industry and discuss which solutions exist to reduce dust and VOC emissions. We conclude with a current case study from the shredder industry.

When: 16th of March 10:30 – 11:00 GMT


  • Tony Hood – Sales Manager UK – Desotec 
    Desotec specialises in mobile purification solutions to remove VOCs.
  • Paul Barrick – Managing Director UK – Lybover AIR 

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