For years 3D-scans have been the perfect starting point for all kinds of engineering projects. Lybover’s extensive experience in engineering, project management, production and assembly in combination with 3D-scanning and engineering has a huge impact on time, cost and safety.

Lybover has a team of 80 engineers who are active in various sectors. The different business units offer support for all possible engineering assignments, which, thanks to 3D-scanning, have an optimal start and an extremely fast and efficient result. In the meantime, Lybover has already carried out more than 100 scans and 3D scanning is offered to the customer as a standard. With additional investments and a dedicated scanning team Lybover switches up a gear in 2020. Because by no means all possibilities are known yet, Lybover therefore organised a 3D-scanning seminar in its offices at the end of 2019. 20 customers could get acquainted with the advantages and possibilities of 3D-scanning in all exclusivity. Informative presentations full of practical cases were combined with live demos and a guided tour. The afternoon was concluded with a networking drink.

Leica scanner

The benefits


  • Before, after and during the realisation of your project
  • Faster and more accurate measurements
  • Plug & play assembly
  • More complete pre-engineering possible
  • Prefabricated production on the basis of 3D scans
  • Fast problem detection thanks to visual clash detection


  • Cost price is calculated on the basis of pre-engineering
  • What you see is what you get
  • No surprises during assembly
  • No rework
  • Optimal production conditions in prefab
  • Fewer fitting pieces on site
  • Accurate as built


  • Lower risk of accidents
  • Fewer measurements at height
  • Less time spent on site
  • Better estimation of the working conditions
  • More efficient assembly