Machine builder Hans Lingl and building systems specialist Spaansen turn to Lybover AIR for dedusting solution. A robot street that automatically applies stone strips to shell walls with dedusting? That sounds like a challenge tailor-made for Lybover.

The Lybover way

Prefab cascade builder Spaansen has a new concept: “Gevelklaar”. This means that their prefabricated hulls are already fully fitted with finished facades in the factory. The ceramic stone strips are automatically applied strip by strip using a specifically developed robotic street: the RoboBrick. For this strong piece of technology, machine builder Hans Lingl, the developer, was looking for a way to extract the dust. After all, a lot of dust is released during the cladding of the façades. This can have a major impact on the quality of the end product, because in order to ensure good adhesion, the bonded surfaces must be dust-free. In addition, stone strips must be cut at the beginning or end of the wall, or around the windows. This dust must also be extracted.

Guaranteed quality thanks to dust limitation in production process

In order to be able to apply the ceramic brick strips dust-free, Lybover AIR recommended the use of air knives. These components blow the dust off the stone strips. The blown dust is then immediately extracted by a VARIO 4 eco filter with KLR filter plates. A hopper, rotary valve and big-bag system were also added to this installation. For the straight stone strips, two standard air knives were installed. For the corner strips, four custom-made air knives were designed. These air knives operate at high pressure, allowing a lot of air to be blown out at high speed. This ensures a considerable force effect on the surface to be blown off. Alternative solutions based on compressed air consume more energy and are less efficient. The dedusting of two dust points near the sawing machines was also taken in hand so that the sawdust is also disposed of properly. Lybover AIR was able to convince both the machine builder Hans Lingl and the final customer Spaansen quickly with various test setups.

Did you know that …

Hans Lingl came to us via a former client? Spaansen uses in its RoboBrick stone strips from brick producer Vandersanden. Lybover AIR installed a 160,000 m³ dust removal installation for Vandersanden at the Lanklaar site. This allows the Vandersanden colleagues to work in a healthy and dust-free environment. An existing client who recommends you for a new project, that is the best advertising!