Lybover BULK and Envac received the notice to proceed from Biostoom Beringen NV, a subsidiary of Bionerga NV to build an innovative sorting plant, which sorts 5 different household waste fractions by colour of the waste bag, without damaging the bags. The waste bags are collected by the intermunicipal company in one and the same garbage truck. The new “Optimo” sorting plant is located in Ravenshout – Beringen, next to the newly built biosteam plant of Biostoom Beringen, an affiliate of Bionerga.

The Lybover Way

The new “Optimo” sorting plant in Beringen accepts, stores, transports and sorts household waste bags with a high sorting efficiency and purity. The installation is designed for a sorting capacity of 150,000 tonnes per year and will sort 5 household waste fractions in colored waste bags: P+MD, textile, kitchen, garden and residual waste. Furthermore, the sorting installation has a built-in future extendibility with two additional fractions.

At the sorting facility, the collected waste bags are discharged and buffered into a modular bunker. An automatic transportation system feeds the waste bags from the bunker onto the feeding system, where the bags are transported on the conveyor belts to the sorting zone. On these conveyor belts, the bags are prepared in order to optimize the sorting process. The whole sorting process is done without inflicting damage to the bags.

Source separation and multi-stream collection

The proven & innovative approach based on the principles of sorting at the source and multi-stream collection by single waste truck, will have an important positive impact on the efficiency of the waste collection and the number of kilometres driven by the waste collecting trucks. Resulting in a significant reduction of CO² emissions.

In the design of the new sorting installation, attention was paid to maintainability, safety, standardisation and availability of the installation. By applying state-of-the-art technology, the power consumption of the installation is also kept within limits. It is therefore no surprise that this reference installation is attracting national and international attention.

Based on its extensive experience in this field of expertise we found the ideal partner in Envac for this innovative project.
– Hans Boels, CEO of Lybover

Local and international knowhow combined

For this project, Lybover BULK teamed up with Swedish based company Envac. Lybover BULK acted as the main contractor for the Optimo project and was fully supported by Envac as exclusive sub-contractor. Based on its experience and proven technology, Envac was responsible for the integral design for the Optimo sorting facility and delivered the optical sorting equipment for the plant. Lybover BULK was in turn responsible for the supply of the main components, the on-site mounting & installation, the overall coordination & project management and acted as the single point-of-contact. Lybover and Envac look forward to continue the collaboration in the coming years, during the maintenance contract and with the build of new future plants in Europe.  

The Lybover Group is a reliable and respected local player in Belgium.
– Mattias Widell, Managing Director at Envac

The Optimo optical sorting The Optimo optical sorting installation was put into operation on 01/01/2022. Due to the tight deadline, this project was certainly a challenge but, thanks to the correct management of the suppliers and our on-site assembly teams, the installation was up and running within time.