DSP SAS, part of the DUPONT group, based in Chauny in Aisne (02), manufactures ion exchange resins, adsorbent resins and catalysts for the customers of its Water Solutions business. Chauny is the largest manufacturing site in the world in its field. These resins are used in a variety of applications including water treatment, food processing, pharmaceuticals, energy, bioprocessing, etc. The reactors that produce these resins emit VOCs during their operation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Lybover Way

DSP called on Lybover AIR to carry out the collection, extraction, connection to a VOC treatment on activated carbon via a DESOTEC mobile container, and the air discharge via a chimney.

3D scan facilitates layout and installation

In order to install the 350 m long stainless steel pipework with a maximum diameter of 1,000 mm, the 40,000 m³/h fan, the de-sludger, the connections to the DESOTEC Airconnect base and the 20m high chimney, Lybover AIR first used its design office to carry out a 3D scan. This was done to facilitate the layout and installation by obtaining a virtual copy of the existing situation.

Professionalism, seriousness and attentiveness to any difficulties on the site
– Mr Matysiaz / ASSYSTEC Ingénierie – Superviseur de Travaux

The route of the ductwork was optimised to position the slopes for condensate collection. Calculations were made to size the supports to fit into the existing structures or buildings. The entire ductwork routing was checked using pipe stress calculations. The 3D scan was also used to validate the scheduling of the project assembly.

Throughout the project, we were able to appreciate the responsiveness and seriousness of Lybover, both during the sizing of this new network and during the construction and start-up work
– Céline COCQUEREAUMONT – Improvement Engineer – Process Safety Focal Point

This situation is an example of what the client greatly appreciated in our know-how and in the seriousness of our teams. Throughout this mission, the work carried out became a reference for the client, both in the field and outside. The various issues raised by the main players in this project were always dealt with responsively and accurately. Lybover AIR has made a good start with this customer, as the project manager, Ms Martinez, testifies.

I am convinced that we will call upon the expertise of Lybover AIR again on the DSP site
– Mrs Martinez – Performance Specialty Products Asturias S.L.