Metal recycling: dedusting and sorting

Total solutions for scrap and recycling companies: greater returns for purer fractions

Stringent emission standards. Rising energy prices. Technological innovations. Outdated and unsafe plants. The switch to Green Steel. Customers demanding purer, better sorted and more compact fractions with more kg per m³. The metal recycling sector faces unprecedented challenges. The way forward? Ensuring an efficient recycling process that is future-proof. A new sorting line or an upgrade of your existing facilities? Lybover makes it happen for you.

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Why future-proof your shredding line?

Emission standards

Standards for emissions of (fine) dust, VOCs, PCBs and dioxins are becoming increasingly stringent. How do you meet the standards and avoid fines?

Opt for effective air treatment
Quality end product

Your customers demand ever purer and more compact ferrous and non-ferrous fractions. Do you want to get rid of meatballs in your iron fractions, respond to the growing demand for Green Steel and make your plant more profitable?

Go for precise separation technology
Energy efficiency

Rising energy prices affect every business. Especially when you have installations with high consumption. How do you reduce your energy consumption and your bills?

After careful process analysis, we adapt your installation
Technological innovations

Technological innovations in the recycling sector do not stand still. Modern machines sort more accurately and are safer. And by better dimensioning your air treatment installations, they wear out less quickly. Is your machinery in need of an upgrade? What if you could save by replacing only what is needed?

Together we look for the most future-proof solution
Safety and ergonomics

Explosions. Damage to components. Odour, dust and hazardous emissions. Unscheduled downtime . They are a hefty chunk of your bill. How do you ensure a healthy working environment with minimal risks?

Go for modern, safe and ergonomic machines
Tackling wear and tear

With a well-considered choice of materials and preventive maintenance, you limit wear and tear and keep your installation performing at full capacity. How do you keep your machines in top condition?

Discover the solution that suits you best

Time for a different approach in metal recycling

Lybover supports companies in the scrap and recycling industry by optimising all processes before and after the shredder. We do this with solutions that we develop entirely tailored to your company. Because only then will you be ready for the challenges the market brings today and in the future.

Air treatment to minimise emissions of pollutants such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, VOCs, PCBs and dioxins, reduce dust pollution and potentially recover fine metal particles:

  • Wet filters
  • Dry filters
  • Ultrafilters
  • Activated carbon filters

A wide range of separation techniques resulting in purer fractions with higher market value:

  • Magnetic and Eddy Current separation
  • Sensor separation
  • Electrostatic separation
  • Windshifters
  • Manual sorting lines

All other machines and components that are indispensable in an efficient sorting line:

  • Infeed hoppers
  • Shredders
  • Screens
  • Transport and storage systems
  • Support structures

Service keeping your installations performing optimally:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Interventions
  • Replacing wear parts
  • Upgrading of machines

More than machines: rethinking processes

Lybover is more than a supplier of machines. We provide a total approach, from preliminary study to maintenance after commissioning. Our goal? To ensure that your processes and sorting lines work optimally, give you maximum yield and become future-proof. To make that possible, we take care of everything ourselves. Flexible and forward-thinking.

  1. Our specialists make an in-depth analysis of your installation and operations. They work with you to find the most suitable technologies and the optimal organisation of your processes and machinery. Our focus is on what you really need. The focus is on the 3 Es: limiting emissions, reducing energy consumption and controlling explosions.

  2. Using 3D scans, we map your building and existing installation in detail. That is the basis for engineering that is accurate down to the millimetre. And quite handy when the original building plans are lost.

  3. Our project engineers develop a tailor-made solution. Always in close consultation with you. We walk through your new sorting line together in VR. This gives everyone more insight into what the installation will look like.

  4. In our own production department, we build customised components such as cyclones, wind shifters, valves or special conveyors.

  5. Before construction work, we measure your building again and plot all assembly points with a total station. We work to the millimetre, remember?

  6. Our mechanics ensure flawless installation of the necessary machinery and components. In close consultation with other contractors and with respect for your timing – and that is no empty promise.

  7. Now it is time to commission your new installation. Our specialists will take care of commissioning and training your operators. So you start sorting better without worries.

  8. Need an urgent modification to an existing installation? Our fastlane is ready for a conversion with a quick turnaround.

  9. You can always count on Lybover for maintenance and service, both reactive and preventive. Because machines in top condition deliver you the highest returns.

Getting the most out of your shredding process ?

Count on Lybover.