Filter cartridges are installed in many vehicles (such as excavators, dump trucks, wheel loaders, bulldozers, trucks, etc.). They are used for filtering the combustion air of the engine or the air in the driver’s cab. These vehicles are working in the following environments: quarries, stone breaking works, gravel pits, open pit mining, underground mining, cement industry, concrete factories, plaster factories, steel works, and they are also used in the farming industry and by forwarding companies.

Owing to the dusty work environments, filter cartridges contaminate and have to be replaced regularly. A professional, automatic, and gentle purging of filter cartridges is much more economical.

The new M-AIR217 purging unit blows the dust with a specially designed blowing nozzle in a controlled manner from the inside to the outside. This way, filter cartridges can be safely cleaned and maintained in regular intervals. The use of the equipment is absolutely easy. Pre-programmed work cycles are started at the push of a button. The cleaning sequence is fully automatic.


  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Compact layout
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance