Clean work clothing in 30 seconds

Dust and other hazardous substances that mix with dust, can have a particularly negative impact on health.
With an air shower booth, you intervene at the source: employees clean their work clothing as soon as they leave the workplace.

In which working environment?

Dust is annoying and has an unhealthy side effect in many sectors. Just think of power stations, the cement industry,
chemical companies, steel factories, companies that grind or mix, companies with recycling activities

How fast does an air shower work?

Super fast. In 30 seconds the clothes are clean. You can therefore take an air shower during working time,
before a break or at the end of the working day. Result: no dust or hazardous substances are transmitted
into changing rooms, cafeteria, offices or other clean areas.

Safety first

Safe dust extraction

  • Fan ensures a downward airflow in the air shower
  • booth. Dust particles are kept out of sight
  • The dust is extracted via the bottom and then filtered into the filter room

Safe purging

  • Downward directed nozzles (30°) do not purge towards the face
  • Four zones: adjustable depending on the size of the person
  • Always purge from the top to the bottom
  • Sufficient safety distance between nozzles and user

Technical data

Air flow rate2.500 m3/u – 3,0 kw
Dimensions (L x W x H)935 x 1.600 x 2.300 mm
Weight600 kg
Required compressed air1” – 4 bar min – 3.000 l/min

Consult us about the possible versions

  • Push buttons or ball valves
  • Exhaust air or recirculating air design
  • Mobile or fixed version
  • 1 or 2 doors (sluice)
  • Different filter types
  • Stainless steel version also possible
  • Different accessories


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