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Experts’ view for fire-safe car park new housing estate De Torens Aarschot

In Aarschot, property developer Dyls is building the new city district De Torens. Lybover FIRE is responsible for fire compartmentalisation and SHEV installations. In this way, our colleagues delivered...

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Fire-safe buildings for Unilin thanks to a complete range of compartmentalisation systems

For many years Unilin has been knocking on Lybover FIRE's door for the fire-safe compartmentalisation of various sites in Belgium. Thanks to our versatile portfolio, there is a solution...

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Filtration system reduces VOC emissions and odour nuisance at asphalt plant

For Viabuild's asphalt plant, Lybover AIR, together with Desotec, made an extension of the extraction and filtration systems to reduce emissions of odours and VOCs with a mobile activated...

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Lybover optimises green power plant

Tackling wear and tear by looking beyond material selection. Lybover joined forces for green energy company A&S Energie to optimise the supply and processing of non-recyclable waste wood.

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5,000 metres of food-grade piping for Brasserie St-Feuillien

At the brand-new Brasserie St-Feuillien brewery, Lybover provided kilometres of piping to enable the future production of 120,000 hectolitres of beer.

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Pre-treatment of WEEE and dedusting for Lavergne

For the new Lavergne site, Lybover built a pre-treatment line with dedusting that meets all requirements.

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