Fire resistant roller shutters can be used in various situations. They can be used on a daily basis as a closure and/or when there is a report of fire. This makes the roller shutter a perfect solution for locations such as hospitals, offices, government institutions, shopping centres, retail, education, hospitality and various industrial applications.

The fire rated roller shutters are made of composite panels and can be supplied with many options. The fire rated roller shutters are CE marked EN 16034 + EN 13241 (Fire rating EI1 60)

The fire rated roller shutters are failsafe due to a self-closing gravity motor, without battery backup, that lowers the roller shutter by gravity.


  • User-friendly and suitable for intensive use
  • Failsafe
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Certified for large dimensions
  • Certified for various wall qualities
  • Robust (anti-burglary)

Classification :

CEEN 16034 + EN 13241
Fire test standardEN 1634-1
Classification standardEN 13501-2
Fire resistanceEI1 60
Max. width9.250mm
Max. height8.000mm
Max. surface40m²
Required wall quality•Cellular concrete ≥ 150 mm (575kg/m³ +-50kg/m³)
•Concrete ≥150mm
•Masonry ≥150mm
•Fire-resistant steel construction