The Omnicompact is based on a segmented sliding leaf. It is stacked in front of the daylight opening during closing to achieve the necessary fire resistance.

Our Omnicompact slatted door is also suitable for larger openings and high fire resistance according to European legislation (see table below). It is possible to fit the Omnicompact with a lowered build-in height (option) so that only a minimum build-in height of 560mm is required. The whole can also be powder coated in a RAL-colour of your choice.

The fire resistant louvre doors are CE marked EN 16034 + EN 13241 (Fire rating EI1 120).


CEEN 16034 + EN 13241
Fire testing standardEN 1634-1
Classification standardEN 13501-2
Fire resistanceEI1 90 of EI1 120
Maximum width6.450mm (EI1 90) / 4.300mm (EI1 120)
Maximum height6.225mm (EI1 90) / 4.150mm (EI1 120)
Required wall quality•Cellular concrete ≥ 150 mm
•Concrete ≥150mm
•Masonry ≥150mm