Lybover BULK (aka Motogroup) has a long tradition in designing and realising bulk handling projects where a standard solution is often not sufficient. This results in projects with a lot of added value, in which customisation is central. Lybover BULK is able to distinguish itself in this market by falling back on its own design office and production workshop, supplemented with solutions provided by dedicated partners, each with their own expertise. Recently we were able to add a new partner to this exclusive list. In order to offer an answer to various screening and drying issues within the Benelux market, Lybover BULK found the ideal partner in the German company Allgaier Process Technology GmbH.

Knowledge of process technologies is becoming increasingly important

In recent years, we have noticed that our customers’ projects are increasingly evolving from a single component to a multi-disciplinary project. Nowadays, clients have an increasing need for an integral solution, in which various installations and processes are combined. Knowledge of various process technologies is therefore becoming increasingly important. Lybover BULK gets more and more requests to not only transport and store mono-flows of bulk goods, but also to adapt them to the next process step. The techniques used can range from washing, drying, cooling, sieving and separating to dosing and mixing.

A solution for every drying and sieving question

The German Allgaier group is considered the reference in the world of screening machines, fluidised bed and drum dryers and has proven experience in a large number of industrial sectors.

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