Less CO2 – Lower costs – Higher energy efficiency

Sustainable production with rising energy prices and CO2 costs is the main challenge facing companies worldwide. The optimisation of thermal processes offers particularly high potential for reducing energy costs. The payback period of these investments is becoming ever shorter. With the LeadingEcoSolutions from Lybover BULK partner Allgaier, we are happy to support you in improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of your drying processes.

Allgaier’s years of expertise as a supplier of innovative process technology systems together with Lybover’s broad perspective are your guarantee of an innovative, energy-efficient solution tailored to your industrial drying processes. Convince yourself of our services for the sustainable optimisation of your drying process and contact our experts.

Together, we determine your potential energy savings.
– Michaël De Baets, Business Development & Agency Manager, Lybover BULK

How you can benefit from our possibilities?

The Lybover way

Analyze current conditions

  • Analysis of the existing complete drying process incl. upstream and downstream
  • Evaluate the dryer design with on-site visit
  • Determine specific savings potential

Heat recovery

  • Integration of heat recovery into the existing dryer system utilizing exhaust air
  • Use of heat exchangers and heat pumps to increase efficiency
  • Sample calculations to directly compare possible solutions and savings potentials

Process optimization

  • Increased efficiency of the drying process by making adjustments related to the dryer’s design
  • Consider “evaporative cooling” in the process planning of new plants
  • Modify and adapt drum internals to optimize heat and mass transfer
  • Improvement of upstream and downstream process (e.g. mechanical pre-dewatering)


  • Alternate heating options available, e.g., electric heating, biogas.
  • Capture and use of waste heat for other processes within the plant
  • Burner retrofit / modernization
  • Integration of new energy-saving dryer systems (e.g. TK-D Duo)

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact Michaël De Baets – Business Development & Agency Manager – Lybover BULK.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact Maxence Vanstaen – Junior Sales Engineer – Lybover BULK.