Certified fire safety

Discover the offer and the total formula of Lybover in smoke control and fire compartmentalisation.

How do you take care of the fire safety of your building? Lybover designs and installs installations for smoke control as well ass fire resistant doors, screens and fire resistant joinery in compliance with current fire regulations. This limits the consequences in case of fire and allows everyone to leave the building safely when the unthinkable occurs.

Fireproof environment

for safe evacuation in case of emergency

Wide range of products

complying with all standards, legislation and today’s requirements

Total in-house approach

from design to after-sales service

Smoke control

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems – SHEVS – remove the hot fumes generated by a fire. They create a safe access route for the fire brigade, guarantee safe evacuation and limit damage to the building in the event of a fire. They also prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent buildings.

Our SHEVS installations are designed, developed and built in accordance with both Belgian and European standards.

  • SHEVS in buildings (in accordance with NBN S21-208-1)
  • SHEVS in car parks (in accordance with NBN S 21-208-2)
  • Pressure relief systems in stairwells

Experience our expertise

Fire compartmentalisation

With fire compartmentalisation, large spaces are divided into smaller compartments. In case of fire, it is crucial to close the openings in these walls in a fire-resistant manner. Therefore, Lybover has a wide variety of solutions in function of your needs.

  • Fire screens
  • Burglar-resistant shutters
  • Sliding gates
  • Doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Conveyor seals
  • Fire-resistant joinery

Experience our expertise

Our successful total formula

Every project for Lybover is different. From parking garages and football stadiums to airports and hospitals. This gave our engineers the necessary know-how to design and realise one-of-a-kind total projects.

Furthermore, we can always rely on the diverse expertise of our colleagues within the Lybover group.

With the same proven total formula, we achieve the right result for our client.

  • Creative design
    From conceptual preliminary designs to execution (in 2D/3D/BIM)
  • CFD simulation
    Detailed design, technically and economically optimised, on the basis of virtual fire
  • Certification
    500+ SHEV installations approved by independent inspection services
  • Assembly
    Our inhouse teams in possession of the necessary VCA certificates
  • After-sales service
    Regular screening to avoid wear

Expertise in various sectors

Lybover FIRE engineers fire safety solutions for the most diverse building projects.

Industrial buildings

  • Factories
  • Office spaces
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals

Public buildings

  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Football stadiums
  • Shopping malls

Residential buildings

  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential care homes

Our partners

In addition to the expertise of our colleagues we can always rely on the know-how, components and machines of our partners.