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Experts’ view for fire-safe car park new housing estate De Torens Aarschot

In Aarschot, property developer Dyls is building the new city district De Torens. Lybover FIRE is responsible for fire compartmentalisation and SHEV installations. In this way, our colleagues delivered...

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Fire-safe buildings for Unilin thanks to a complete range of compartmentalisation systems

For many years Unilin has been knocking on Lybover FIRE's door for the fire-safe compartmentalisation of various sites in Belgium. Thanks to our versatile portfolio, there is a solution...

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Fire safety for the City of Brussels and its employees

A safe workplace for 1,700 employees? Lybover FIRE helps ensure fire safety in Brucity, the City of Brussels' new building.

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Fire-safe shopping in Westland Shopping Center

Even in a large project with different stakeholders and logistical challenges, Lybover continues to strive for the best finish.

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Distillery Rubbens highlights fire-safe production

Thanks to the combination of large surface areas, visibility and fire resistance, the distillery visibly remains the beating heart of the site.

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Lybover FIRE converts SHE system at INNO in Brussels

Symbolic location receives state-of-the-art fire system that is functional, aesthetic but above all safe.

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